Mówish Mash is a Poznań café born out of genuine love for coffee and cheesecake, passion for traveling and exploration, a penchant for languages and willingness to offer a new take on what has long seemed a little too ordinary. We serve specialty coffee and homemade cheesecakes. But that’s not all. In Mówish Mash, you can sign up for a language course. We offer one-to-one lessons with a qualified teacher, run in a specially designated part of our café. You might be wondering how it all manages to work out. The answer is simple – it just does. Come over, grab a coffee and have something with it. Choose what you feel like and find what you’re looking for.


Specialty coffee is top quality coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point SCAA scale (Specialty Coffee Association of America). It is grown with the use of traditional methods and given scrupulous attention at every stage of cultivation. That’s the coffee we want you to try in Mówish Mash, made of beans from the leading roasting companies. Tell us what kind you like, choose your favorite brewing method and leave the rest to us.


It all started from the good old New York cheesecake, which we often refer to as “the classic” for short. Creamy and delicate, it is made from one kilo of cheese, nearly half a kilo of cream, and eggs that come from happy hens. It has a cream and lemon juice topping. We normally sprinkle it with pomegranate seeds, since that’s the way we like it best. Gradually, we expanded our repertoire by a number of special variations: with nuts, milk fudge, halva, raspberry, salted caramel, to name just a few. All our cheesecakes are homemade with the use of top quality ingredients, no semi-finished prod-ucts and no flavor enhancers. What makes them stand out is a generous dash of love and passion. Wouldn’t you want to try it?


When you hold a degree in philology but discover to be a passionate barista, you just can’t ignore languages. That’s how the idea of a learner’s corner came to be. It is a specially designated area of the café where individual language lessons are held over a cup of coffee and a slice of cheese-cake. They are very much like language school lessons but run in much cozier setting. Once you’ve sat down with your teacher, you choose the day and time of your lessons, and decide on their format to suit your particular needs: conversations, grammar practice, exam preparation. No matter what your language level is, we will make you want to learn with a smile on your face. Cur-rently, we offer courses in English and Spanish, but more is yet to come. Price: PLN 110 / 60 min, the price includes one drink from the menu.


Mowish Mash
ul. Zwierzyniecka 41

Monday: closed
Tuesday Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

+48 573 93 89 89

Mowish Mash cafe received a financial subsidy under the Financial Shield 2.0
of the Polish Development Fund (PFR).